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Your excess repaid on your motor insurance - FAQ
QMy Home policy is not with you, Can I still be covered?
AAs we only cover your Excess it does not matter who your main home insurance policy is with.
You can still buy the Excess protection as we cover the Excess charged by all Insurers.
Your excess protection policy sits alongside your existing home policy. It is a seperate policy
with no direct connection to your motor policy. You do not have to inform your motor
policy insurer that you have purchased an excess protection policy.

QMy Policy does not expire for another six months. Can I still buy the Excess cover?
AThe Excess policy runs for 12 months from whenever you buy the policy.
You can protect your excess from any date.
If you change your home insurance policy we will still cover your new policy too.
just inform us of the change

QMy claim to my insurer was for less than the amount of my excess.
Can I still claim on my excess protection policy?
Your Insurer must agree to the claim you are making and must have paid you for the claim.
We will pay to you that part of the payment withheld by the insurer as your excess.

Example A:
You Claim £450 on your home policy for an accident involving a broken window.
Your Excess on the policy is £100.
The insurer agrees the claim and pays to you £350.
This being £450 less your Excess of £100. In this case we will pay you £100.
This being as per our agreement.

Example B:
You Claim £80.00 on your home policy for a defrosted freezer and the loss of food.
Your Excess on the policy is £100.
The insurer will not pay your claim as you have not reached the minimum limit for a claim
(Your Excess). Since your insurer has not settled the claim, we will not pay you.

QSo when will you pay?
In order for you to claim on this policy, the following must have occurred:
1.Your excess policy is paid up to date.
2.The incident for which you are claiming occurred after the purchase of your excess policy from us.
3.Your insurer has paid out on the claim and deducted the appropriate excess.
4.You have submitted the appropriate claim form on line together with the letter of settlement from
your insurer

QIf I make a claim will my premium go up?
Our rates are fixed and are only altered in response to general market forces,
not your claims history.

QIf I claim and use up all my cover, can I buy another policy?
You can purchase as many policies in a year as you wish.

QWhat information do I need to Sign up?
AYou will need to know what excess you currently have on your home policy.
This can be found on your policy certificate issued by your home insurer.

QHow can I reduce my home insurance premiums.
AContact your policy issuer and ask them to give you a quote with an increased Excess limit.
Most policy premiums will fall quite dramatically as your voluntary excess increases.
You do not have to tell your insurer why you wish to increase your voluntary excess.

QMy excess is only for £250, why do I need to buy for £300
AWe have calculated our rates on the industry average Excesses that exist.
If your excess is only £250 and you make a claim for this amount,
you will still have £50 in your account for a subsequent claim during the year.
In this case you could buy a policy for £500 and be covered for two claims in any one year!

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