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dont be disappointed by your insurance settlement cheque
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Your excess repaid on your motor insurance

The excess is the amount that you have to usually pay if you make a claim on your insurance policy. For example if you have a garage repair bill for €600 and an excess on your policy of €300, your insurer will only pay you £300, as you are responsible for the first €300 of any claim submitted.

It is easy to obtain cover and EXCEEDINGLY cheap with annual premiums starting at just €34.83 for €300 of excess protection. We offer three types of policy to cover different levels of excess;  bronze, silver and gold, and you can purchase as many policies as you wish.

Click on the table below for a full price list for your resident country

TYPE - BRONZE COVER SELECTED €300 premium €34.83 SILVER COVER SELECTED €500  premium €43.08 GOLD COVER SELECTED €750  premium €50.05

Our Motor Excess protection policy enables you to reduce your annual Motor Insurance Premium by having a higher excess limit on your policy!! Generally, the higher your excess is, the lower your annual premium will be.


  • Covers all your motor policy excesses up to €750
  • Can be used with any motor policy. So even if you are insured with                        
    AXA or Generali. MAAF, anyone, we will cover your excess
  • Can be added AT ANY TIME to any existing private car/ motorcycle
    motor policy.

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To buy, amend or cancel a policy or to make a claim

We cover what your insurance does not

*dependant on the IPT tax of your country

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